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Hosted Applications

Ready to use Hosted Software Solutions

NexaTec hosts some of its applications in reputed data centers. The customers who sign up with us can use these application through internet for a monthly rental. There are no up-front investment for buying the software. Apart from a local network with internet access you do not require anything else to use these applications.

Why to go for a Hosted /Rented application, what are the advantages?

 . Easy Implementation: Apart from a local network with internet access you do not require anything else to use the application.
 . Risk free and Economical: No up-front investment for buying the software.
 . No need of high end equipments. You do not need to buy any server computers or software such as database software or server software etc.
 . Since there are no servers, there is no need for trained IT personnel to manage these equipments which will result in less overhead.
 . Anytime Access: Access the application from anywhere at any time of the day. If you have multi site/branch operations, it makes all the more easier to manage your business with a hosted solution.
 . Secure: Fully secured with Firewall, Virus guard, Encrypted logins, Access restrictions based on place of login etc.
 . Privacy: Exclusive database for each customer, database is not shared between customers.
 . Quick start: Start using the application within hours of signing up with us.

Hosted Applications Industry
e-Freight Software application for Freight Forwarding industry.
All your branches can use the software irrespective of their location, thus management have full control of business operating from multiple stations

e-Campus Software application for Educational Institutions.
Includes modules for managing Student information, Staff information, Accounts, Transportation, Library etc.

Accounts-Online A general accounting software which can be used by small to medium sized companies. Covers all transactions including Journal entries, Invoices, Payments, Receipts, Debit/Credit Notes, Bank Reconciliation, Budgeting etc. Reports include Ledger, Customer statements, Cash book, Trial Balance, Balance sheet, Profit and Loss Statement etc.

HR-Online Human Resoursce management software. Includes Leave management and Payroll

Assets-Online Fixed Assets Management software where all your fixed assets details can be maintained. It's location, maintenance schedule, insurance schedule etc. can be monitored. It can also generate depreciation entries.