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System Requirements


IMS - Comprehensive solution for Educational Institutions
The Institution Management System (IMS) is a Microsoft Windows based software designed to stream line and improves the recording and accessing of information within one or multiple institutions, increasing efficiencies and effectiveness of day to day work loads dramatically. The software is developed using MS.NET technology.

It includes a comprehensive and exhaustive WEB interface designed to automate the complete functioning of any educational institution. This system creates an information revolution by adopting an info-anytime anywhere concept. All aspects of the current manual information handling techniques are simulated in an electronic format thus dramatically reducing resource usage.

One of the main advantages of the Institutional Management System is its ability to give you the information required to make an informed decision without the time consuming process of gathering it in its many formats

The main reason for accessibility of selected information from the system to the web is the ability of the parents to interact and respond immediately to areas that require attention.

E.g. A parent could have access to their son/daughters progress through the syllabus and therefore give additional assistance as and when needed. This level of accessibility can be completely controlled by the school management and individual parent /pupils can opt into this innovation if they choose to do so. This facility will by no means replace the parent/teacher relationship, but it may make best use of teacher's resources and reduce the need for a time consuming face-to-face meeting with the parents. This web feature could improve upon the time consuming task of sending regular mid-term and end-term reports. It can do this by making each students report available to the parent who can simply view or print their son/daughters report from the comfort of their office or home PC.

Maintain a full database of students, parents and faculty information.

Library management system, which keeps track of the book inventory, borrowings/ returns.

Multi-institutional capability and hence can handle any number of sister units on the same system, facilitate the management to monitor the activities of any unit sitting in any remote location.

The system can generate memos/ notifications; examination results with ranking and grading memos/ modifications will be stored permanently with a reference number for future references.

All information made available through the web will be by default available from the system. Various reports can be generated from the student, faculty, library, payroll and accounts databases.
IMS has inbuilt security features which controls the information access through various levels of security

Students Module
Student registration
Attendance recording
Assessment recording
Marks recording
Record points for athletic/cultural events

Faculty Module

Faculty/ Teachers details
Faculty Subjects
Faculty attendance
Syllabus covered

Library Module
Library item master
Item location master
Issue and Receipt

Institution module
Define Institution
Define Academic year
Define Subjects
Define Courses
Define Syllabus
Define fee structure
Define / schedule athletic/cultural events

Administration modules
Define users
Define web users
System Requirements
Server- Pentium III or later; 256 MB RAM; 10 GB HDD
Client - Pentium 333 or later; 64 MB RAM; 6.4 GB HDD

Server - Windows NT 4.0 or later; Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.04 or later, IIS
Client - Windows 98 or later, Internet Explorer 5.0 or later (for web access)

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